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Our brand TOPLUX covers a wide range of energy-efficient and halogen lamps and a wide spectrum of industrial light bulbs. It offers good quality at competitive prices. Through years of contacts with manufacturers, annual visits to the factories, great commitment and a good relationship between Vezalux and our suppliers, we can guarantee that TOPLUX will not disappoint you.

An overview of the range:


TOPLUX is a great addition to the Civilight LED range with low-cost alternatives for, for example, bright LED filament bulbs, coloured string lights (Christmas lights), Striplite S14(s) bulbs and LED panels.

Energy-efficient lamps

The idea that energy-saving light bulbs are bulky and only give off cold white light is very much outdated. And our range of TOPLUX CFLs has played an important role in this. The energy-efficient compact fluorescent TOPLUX lamps come in all shapes and sizes and give off a soft white light. A short warm-up and flicker-free light are characteristic for TOPLUX’s beautiful and energy-saving lamps.


A new range of halogen lamps with a vintage look: these lamps are modelled after old-fashioned light bulbs. This look preserves the atmosphere and appearance of a classic light bulb, but these energy-efficient halogen lamps will save energy up to 30%. Available in energy class C.


The TOPLUX range covers all types of halogen lamps. It includes linear halogens, heat lamps, halogen reflectors of different diameters and for all kinds of sockets and bright envelope lamps for the most commonly used screw fittings. We can also supply special voltage or non-standard sized lamps.


Although the EU is constantly constraining high wattage lamps, the all familiar bulb remains the ideal solution for some applications. As long as there’s no good LED or CFL equivalent, a bulb is still the cheapest and best lighting (Ra100) solution for some situations.

TOPLUX lamps meet the highest level of standards applicable in the EU and are, of course, RoHS2 and CE certified.