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General Electric

Light Sources
LED technology has changed the world of lighting forever, delivering major savings in energy, instant illumination and a working life up to 25x longer than incandescent lamps. GE's light sources will bring out the real colour of your products in your retail space, and create a welcoming atmosphere for your hospitality areas, while saving energy.

Indoor Lighting
Longer lifetime, easy maintenance, 5 years guarantee: use GE's Value range indoor lighting products, and strengthen your own company's reliability, too! A great solution for all areas of office and hospitality spaces.

Outdoor Lighting
Shine the light wherever it is needed! Save energy, shorten your return of investment period and make your community a safer place by using GE Lighting's outdoor solutions.

GE LED: Fundamentele armaturen (2017)

GE LED: Product catalogus (2017-2018)